Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Sweet Peas:
This mommy + me yoga class (Mamas who have been cleared by medical professional + pre-crawling babes) focuses on helping moms rebuild core strength, alleviate tight chest and arms, learn relaxation techniques, and incorporate baby into their workout. Emphasis is paid to toning the pelvic floor. Babes are welcome in any mood: asleep, fussy, hungry, etc. Breast/bottle feeding, changing diapers are welcome in class.

This class is for crawlers to age 2 ½ and their caregivers.  Class focuses on developing social and play skills.  This is a fast paced class that incorporates a variety of songs and activities.

This class is for children ages 2 ½ to 5 and their caregivers. This is a VERY active class focused on fun and play.

Family Grasshoppers:
This class is for crawlers to age 6 and their caregivers.  Class is active and lots of fun!

Yoga Bears:
This class is for children ages 4 to 9.  Yogis travel the world, go on fun adventures and meet exotic animals as they learn yoga though games, activities and playful movement.  Social skills are emphasized.

This class is for kids ages 10 to 18.  Yoga is the perfect escape for overscheduled and stressed out teenagers. This class focuses on meditation, breath work, strength, posture and alignment.  Class is very active with an emphasis on partner poses and creativity.

This is a prenatal class for pregnant moms 12-40+ weeks*.  This class prepares moms for a positive birth experience while teaching breathing techniques, pelvic floor toning, and overall strength.  Emphasis is placed on stress reduction and community building – moms share prenatal experiences, concerns, and advice.
*moms may attend earlier in their first trimester with instructor permission.