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Mama Crush Monday – Julia Villageliu Gilchrist

By October 14, 2019 No Comments

Each Monday we will feature our Mama Crush of the week – just because our clients are that awesome. We’re throwing in a free class pass each week too, really just selfishly so we can see them more!

Julia Villageliu Gilchrist – She is one of our bend mamas and we have missed having her teach since she left to take care of her, and her newly born daughter Phoebe.  She is such a role model for other mamas, and oh so funny.  Here is what she wrote about being pregnant and how we should change how to talk to all the gorgeous pregnant mamas our there – thanks for using your voice for good Julia!!

“This is what 36 weeks looks like, at least for me. You can’t believe some of the comments I’ve gotten— all from men by the way, “are you sure there’s only one baby in there?” “Are you sure about your due date” “don’t have the baby here at the grocery store, haha” “you’re only 6 months and you’re this big??” My favorite was the man who congratulated me at 8 weeks, before I was ready to tell anyone. Like wow dude, you’re paying way too much attention to my weight. Just a little PSA here: pregnant people are still people, and we do not want comments on our weight or body shape. Especially when at work! If you feel the need to say something, a simple “you look great!” should do the trick. Otherwise shut your pie hole before I sit on you.”