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Mama Crush Monday/Mother of the Year – Sarah Reedy

By December 31, 2018 No Comments

Each Monday we will feature our Mama Crush of the week – just because our clients are that awesome. We’re throwing in a free class pass each week too, really just selfishly so we can see them more!


Sarah Reedy – I just had to do it…..this woman is Mama to Ben & Cordie, to all our wonderful clients, and lucky for us, to the studio. Sarah showed up 6 years ago and spent so much time here that I just had to get her to join the team. The last few years she has stepped up when we needed her most, and the studio flourished under her care.

I am not only honored to have her represent the studio, I’m also so grateful for her friendship. ┬áThank you Sarah, for everything you do and for being an awesome woman! ┬áLove you, Cox