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Mama Crush Monday – Charlie Westbrook

By August 13, 2018 No Comments

Each Monday we will feature our Mama Crush of the week – just because our clients are that awesome.  We’re throwing in a free class pass each week too, really just selfishly so we can see them more!

Charlie Westbrook – This time last year was difficult. Charlottesville was sad and angry. Confused, but determined. One afternoon, as I walked past Heather Heyer’s memorial, I noticed someone behaving erratically and got the impression that so long as someone was standing there, watching them, that nothing bad would happen. So I stood there and watched. At one point I looked across Second St and saw Charlie standing there, doing the same thing. A young mom with a new baby in a stroller, taking a stand. We already thought pretty highly of this mama, but her bravery in that moment sealed the deal.