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I love bend and don’t know what my pregnancy, labor and delivery would have been like without it. I went to Mamaste classes regularly from 14 weeks pregnant. No matter how tired, stressed, and sore I was going in, I felt renewed coming out. Kelly addressed our individual concerns, and helped us to understand our bodies and focus on what we would need for labor and delivery.

My labor and delivery was long and arduous. What I learned in Mamaste helped immensely. The first 14 hours, I was calm, breathing, moving around, doing all of the things that felt right. It turned out that my baby was malpositioned (not sunny side up, but facing my left hip), so my contractions went from 2.5 minutes apart at 11 hours, to 30 minutes apart at 14 hours. After trying all natural techniques to get things going again, I took my OB’s advice and started Pitocin.

My time at bend helped me with that decision, too. I really wanted an all-natural birth, but it wasn’t in the cards for us. bend helped me to know I could trust my body and trust my baby, and my mama-gut knew that something wasn’t right. I don’t regret the decision for a moment. My healthy, sweet baby arrived after 27 hours of labor and 3.5 of pushing. My L&D nurse said she had never seen a mama stay that positive and cheerful through 3.5 hours of pushing. Kelly’s words rang in my ears, “relax your jaw, your hips will follow.” The totally unexpected bonus is the great community we’ve gained. I’ve made amazing friends, and my daughter was born with pals around her age. I had the support I needed in those challenging first weeks, from friends going through similar experiences. I can’t recommend bend enough!