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I can’t speak highly enough about our experience at bend! My 6 month-old daughter, Eloise, and I have been attending the Sweet Peas class for months now, and it has become the highlight of our week. I have met so many mom friends through the class, and Eloise absolutely LOVES it. She squeals in delight through most of the class, and is extra motivated to try out new motor and social skills (more so than anywhere else). She rolled over for the first time ever during one class! It has allowed us to break out of our daily routine and I get to see her grow and explore in a new light every week. It has helped me strengthen my postpartum body after having been on disability at the end of my pregnancy, and has brought me so much joy. The instructor, Kelly, is so sweet and easy-going. You can nurse, bounce a crying baby on the exercise ball, and take it easy whenever you wish without anyone batting an eye. It’s such a beautiful, welcoming, nurturing, and fun group! I’m so thankful that bend and Kelly is here for us C’ville moms.