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I have a nearly 4-year-old daughter, and over the years, we’ve tried basically every movement class in Charlottesville. Nothing compares to bend Yoga! The teachers are fantastically warm and professional people, and the classes strike exactly the right balance between establishing a familiar routine that the kids crave and adding new skills so that they never get bored. I’ve watched my daughter grow and learn so much, both physically and emotionally, during the past few months at this studio. Now she even reminds *me* to do yoga breathing to calm down on stressful days! Plus, bend’s flexible payment options and drop-in style mean that you won’t spend a bundle of money on a semester of classes and only end up going to half of them. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about bend. My daughter asks ‘can we go to yoga today?’ almost every day – she loves it that much. Our compromise is once a week!