Angela, by far our funniest mama-to-be!

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When you think about it, pregnancy is a joyous and bizarre experience.  Let’s be honest, your body is now a vessel (which is amazing) and your brain is now mush (not so amazing).   At times you feel like you are completely out of control.  Being able to go to Mamaste classes throughout my pregnancy has been such a life saver for me.  I had no idea the sense of community, support, and knowledge that can come from Prenatal Yoga.  Kelly truly loves her work and loves all Mamas that come in and out of her life and it shows.  She is always so helpful and supportive and patient, because if you have ever been to a Mamaste class, you know that some days us pregnant girls can complain ;).  I look so forward to days where I can fit Mamaste into my schedule and feel so renewed after each class is over.  The classes give me such a sense of accomplishment and confidence and I feel like I truly am doing something, other than just turning the pages of a book, in order to prepare for the life changing event of birth and motherhood.  The classes have also taught me to be Me throughout my pregnancy and to take each feeling as it comes and know that I am not crazy (well maybe a little).  I have met wonderful people and great friends throughout my time at Bend and I know that those friendships will continue to grow after my son is born.  Kelly, thank you so much for opening Bend and giving us soon-to-be Mamas a place to be nurtured, supported, and renewed and  for also giving us a community where we can grow and develop as new Mamas after our babes are born.  You are amazing!!  XOXOXOXOXO

Angela, by far our funniest mama-to-be