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Mama Crush Monday – Candi Hark

By August 21, 2017 No Comments

Each Monday we will feature our Mama Crush of the week – just because our clients are that awesome.  We’re throwing in a free class pass each week too, really just selfishly so we can see them more!

Candi Hark – One of the tough things about being in the pre/postnatal yoga business is that your time with each mama is finite. We fall in love with these ladies, knowing that after 40 or so weeks they’ll have their babes and leave Mamaste. Hopefully, they come back and bring that babe for us to cuddle in Sweet Peas for the six months or so before babe crawls out of class. So few things make us happier than when these mamas become pregnant again and we get another go round. We were thrilled to see Candi come back through our doors with this pregnancy and can’t wait to have her, her new bundle, and her dry humor back for Sweet Peas in a few weeks.